Thursday, February 18, 2010

Easton Intermodal Presentation & Comment Form

To view the presentation for the public meeting scheduled for Thursday, February 18, please click here.

This is a power point presentation designed to introduce the project, review its purpose and scope and outline the funding requirements.

If you wish to submit comments to be considered as part of the planning process, please find a comment form here

Comments, suggestions, input are welcome in any format and can be emailed to:


William said...

I didn't see the presentation, but have viewed some material. I am looking forward to rail service between the Valley and NY/Philly. Rail service will hit points in between, not just the commuters going to the endpoints of NYC/Philly. It will be important for Lanta to run feeder routes to a long overdue rail connection between the Valley and NYC/Philly.

JonathanH said...

I viewed the presentation and agree that this site makes by far the most sense. Easton needs that block to establish the western entry to centre square and complete the feeling of a distinctive, charming town.

That said, the proposed design does not mesh at all well with the rest of downtown Easton. I hope that it is not too late in the process for you to incorporate more of the look and feel of Easton into the design. Please consider moving away from an all-glass, generic modernism. It only confuses the identity of Easton, and takes away from the architectural integrity that makes the old downtown appealing. Please think not only of the functional dimensions of this building, but also how making Easton even more "like itself" can boost tourism.

I know you (and the architect) don't want to simply ape the old. But there are ways to play off the look of downtown while also being modern and not confusing the sense of place in Easton. Though I don't like the term, the architects who often get lumped under the label "post-modernism" sometimes accomplish this very well:

Another example:

Moving LANTA Forward said...

William: If rail service returns to the LV, LANTA will provide feeder service from terminals to transit transfer points.

Moving LANTA Forward said...

JonathanH - We will pass along your comments to the City of Easton.

LANTA has a good deal to say about bus circulation elements and the size and design of the interior space for passenger waiting areas and ticket counters, but the facade design is up to the City.

michael molovinsky said...

The Allentown terminal had an adverse effect on the merchants of Hamilton Street, by relocating all the transfer stops to the new terminal. These merchants on two occasions protested in mass at the Lanta Board meetings. Easton Mayor Panto claims the situation is different in Easton because the buses will continue to stop on Northampton Street. There will be no difference, because like in Allentown, the bus riders decline to make that extra stop. While waiting for a bus anyway, shopping was convenient at the Square, and neighboring stores. This downturn in commerce is a tradeoff Easton may be willing to make, however, it should be acknowledged as a consequence. The google search feature on my blog will yield multiple postings on what happen in Allentown.

Moving LANTA Forward said...

Michael: Your opinion will be included as part of the public input for this this phase of the project.

michael molovinsky said...

moving lanta forward, i appreciate the inclusion, especially since i cannot attend the easton meetings in person. thank you

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